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      Soon here a major, major, like seriously guaranteed problem for me. When I play portal knights alone, I for the most part I don’t have much bugs\problem other than insanely long load times for large worlds. (A certain game can do much lager ‘seeds’ in less timeframe.. Portal knights need this taken care of please. Wink.) So now here’s a problem, always as of late. When I play split screen, there are worlds I legit just cannot go to without the game crashing every time. There are actions, things done that also makes us crash. I couldn’t entirely list it all considering how many times this happened as of late now, but the most common one would be where we’d go to a world, whatever it be, and it’d have us loading in late often. Majority of the times, the game would just black out instantly and crash where I’d then get a ‘report to Sony’ sort of gig thing. I’ve had this multiple times now playing split screen in bosses or events (some) and certain worlds in a universe. Lastly the biggest indicator of a crash imminent \bug is where we go o a world and it’s literally ghosted out to either of us or both of us. One of us would be able to see normally, walls and holes and the ilks. While the other, we’d see underground, chambers and all that. It messes the gameplay for us bad 🙁 So.. That’s really the short of it, I can elaborate more on something if needed.

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