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      When using pointer mode modifier button, it should remove the phantom block. Since the phantom block is always accessible from normal mode anyways, and pointer mode helps more with distance, it would really help with building. Plus it tends to get in the way quite a lot.

      No camera Shake when hitting enemies. I can understand camera shake to a degree, but every single ranged hit? It’s way too much.

      All NPC’s should be Moveable. Having to brick in an NPC because it’s
      no longer in a good spot ruins building flow on non-canvas islands. (Think this was fixed in latest update?)

      -Maybe portals can also be movable on home islands? Or at the very least be able to
      turn off the noises it emitts?

      Toggle option to switch co-op sides of screen. To allow player 1 to use the right side of screen.

      Add JUST a light as a vanity helmet (Keeping equipped helmet visible) OR as a pet??. So those of us that love the mining helemet can actually begin wearing something new.

      A door that spans three blocks, as no large doors can span an odd number right now.

      A rake: similar to hoe, but edges are rough/blended to simulate worn grassy walking areas

      Single plank Shelves would be nice. Similar to the mirror only horizontal, and allow placing items on top.

      Ranger Bow with Earth Damage would be excellent.

      Ranger traps should scale with level. By the time I tried them out, they were useless.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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