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      Hello all!
      Before I begin I just want to say that I do not know how feasible these suggestions are, or if they are already in place. I only started playing recently so I most likely do not know everything that exists in the game. Also, I am playing on the Nintendo Switch, so I do not have all of the updates, currently.

      That being said, I have a few suggestions on the game. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

      I’ll begin with just individual items:
      – Chairs/couches with armrests – something comfier looking for a home.
      – Papers that can be placed on floors / blocks (not just walls).
      – Shelving, and able to put items on shelves.
      – Coffee tables – currently all are too big for the “living room” furniture.
      – Square / round tables.
      – Carpeting choices with no pattern (keeping the patterned ones as well) and more variety of colors.
      – Railing corners (rounded and square) so they do not end bluntly.
      – A larger, 4×4 mirror (I have heard they are difficult to make, though.)
      – 2×2 windows that open in the middle.
      – Ladders.
      – For creative mode, some kind of continuous flowing water block so you can make fountains or waterfalls. (Without the water spilling over any containment, not sure how Minecraft did it).
      – Ceiling lights that do not hang quite so low.
      – More variations in scenic paintings.
      – Doors that are more conducive to a home-y environment.

      And things more related to gameplay in general:
      – Be able to move chests with items still inside, or some kind of chest to link inventories between worlds. Currently moving full chests is a huge pain.
      – Do not require outro when visiting Sanctuary, or make it skippable. (For me, it plays the ending video every time I travel to Sanctuary, and I can’t skip it.)
      – Raise the current level cap of 30, along with new benefits.
      – More NPCs in the worlds, but also be able to move them. Some of the worlds seem lonely with no one in them.
      – Deeper land on Vacant islands. I went to build a basement to my house and nearly fell through to my death XD. Making the terrain thicker will allow for more subterranean creations.
      – More large, half-built (half-destroyed) buildings. I think it adds time to the game, by trying to rebuild or salvage buildings. It can be fun trying to piece together what was going on here in the past.
      – More variation in dungeons / crypts. Currently, I know what items will be where, and what enemies will be where. As well as short, they are repetitive, taking any interest in the dungeons out. I shouldn’t see exact same placement in almost every dungeon.
      – More details / rewards for events. I can see the event names, but not a description of any kind. And when I complete them, there is no reward (save a few trophy heads randomly as drops). I think it would be good to add trophies, maybe based on how many of that event you participate in / complete. Not as the hunting head type, but more like the meteorite trophy. Bronze for completing it twice, silver for 5 times, etc. And each event could have its own little type of trophy. Maybe a snowflake for the snowstorm, cloud and lightning bolt for electro storm, etc. Or maybe you get “x” amount of event tokens for completing one, and if you save up enough you can spend them at an event store for unique trophies / items.
      – Maybe place more journals around the worlds. I have seen a book here or there that has a sort of description, but these could also be used to tell you more about the world or the fracture, etc. Maybe have some contain narratives of someone who experienced the fracture. Just something to help the worlds feel alive and lived-in.

      This is all I have come up with for now. Again, please keep in mind, I know I may not be aware of some things already existing, as I do not have all of the updates. But if you have any other ideas please share! Thank you!

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      Hey BriB,

      Great suggestions. Have you updated your Switch recently? They added the Adventurer’s Pack that made a few changes to the game. From what I have noticed there is more/better loot, different dungeons, more NPCs that you can move around (not sure if you can take them with you, though). To see these things, however, you have to “refresh” (or something called similar to that) your universe (the option is towards the bottom left corner of the Universe selection screen). It does not erase any of your progress or lock your unlocked areas, it just redesigns and updates many of the zones you have been to. When I did it, I noticed different NPCs scattered around, and the dungeons looked new to me in the areas I revisited (note that I have not finished the game, so maybe you saw them already).

      Anyway, as for suggestions, I think new dungeons would be really cool. For example, instead of just small little dungeons in one zone, how about one big difficult dungeon with new enemies? I also would like new trials. There was an event where you had to do three trials (I think it was a level 30 zone), and that was really fun, especially in split-screen co-op. Another suggestion, though this one is very unlikely, is to able to edit your character appearance. Sometimes hats that you can make mess up the look of my characters (they look bald, when they have long hair), so to be able to change it would be great. I am pretty sure they will continue to add things, so here’s hoping.

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