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      Hello, I’ve been playing video games for a long time and I happened to get this game and play it from beginning to end. The game has lot of potential and I like the RPG side of it but the mechanics has some issues so I will summarize what can be considered for future changes, if not then I hope someone at least read this and send me a feedback (youtube channel Angelhispano) to keep on playing and caring for this game and share ideas.

      1. The first thing that bothered me from the beginning is TOO MANY CRAFTING TABLES. This game is more directed for young gamers so I know this must be annoying at times to find the right table to craft what you need. Crafting table and drawing table should be only one. I don’t find the use to have two separate tables. A clear example for this was on the third world when one NPC asked you to finish a bridge but no clue to where to craft one. Alchemist and Altar should also be one table for just one character. It’s just too much space and mages do need lot of potions so why not. Also Anvil and Furnace should fuse and become one. My point here is just to make the less tables so players don’t get confuse and annoyed. On a side note, the PS4 layout for buttons scrolling is wrong. On the controller the L1 and R1 are close to the face buttons and L2 and R2 are further. In the menus the crafting menu can be scrolled with L2 and R2 and armor, backpack and world map is scrolled with L1 and R1, it should be the opposite with L1 and R1! So in the menus change L1 + R1 with L2 and R2.

      2 The characters have no much balance and this is the most important part of all this topic. Tha game has RPG elements but also adds CLASSES and they must ALL have BALANCE. The only real thing with classes is just the way your GAMEPLAY is. Example, I like to use magic only and heal sometimes, then I use a mage. Other example, I like to play close to close combat and be in the face of enemies then I choose warrior. Other people play from afar and like to pick targets from afar and move fast so I choose Ranger, etc etc.

      This game has a lot of issues understanding this concept, it has the idea but I find it not well balanced. ALL characters should be able to go SOLO but also all they gotta have a weakness. So next, I will go with all the current characters one by one:

      2.1 Mage, this was my first character and therefore the one I concentrated the most. On the talents, mage has 3 weapons but 4 can be actually used. So from my point of view, Staffs are ok, slow but strong, no real dmg buff but good for extra mana. Wands, fast and good criticals, definitely the best for mages (1.5.4) and last Scythe and swords, COMPLETELY WORTHLESS. These weapons has annoyed me the most, not because it has good graphical design but because it is used on a MAGE. So what is the point of having a mage who uses MAGIC from afar if you want to make a MELEE mage with this weapon? If i want a melee character I choose a WARRIOR. This weapon should be out and maybe used for future classes. The last weapon ORBS has no damage buffs but definitely should be the third weapon instead of Scythe.

      The Talents tree for mage look alright but it could use extra things like:
      -Frost Armor: Useless since it only slows enemies for 50% for 3 second, has no competition against the other one Mana Shield. I recommend a complete frost or more time to be useful.
      -Transcendence is one of those talents that use the MAY ONLY OCCUR every 90 seconds. I hate those talents…
      -Meditation another useless talent for that level. In the heat of a battle this is useless and too slow, it should recover at least 500% or more to be useful for end game talent.
      -Summoning, another useless one because it is a chance and mage NEED mana, not a chance.
      -Illusion, I already said what i think of those talents with the words MAY ONLY OCCUR so…

      Attributes, mage only concentrate on Intelligence, second life and third Wisdom (passively this increases so its third). Nothing else should be considered.
      Armor and items, the best armor for the mage is useless (Grand Magus). The game suggest that you can only use it against dark element enemies which is WRONG. For me, this armor should have a recipe so you can at least CHANGE the RESISTANCE to another. Example: If you combine Grand Magus coronet with Sun diamond then the armor should now be able to have light resistance instead of dark. THEN perhaps should be more useful as an end game item. Talma cape also is useless, 22+ mana regeneration is way too low to be and end game item, I recommend at least 50. Fast forward is the best to have for a mage in your armor so this character needs this. I like the use of totems but I find them a little glitchy, I can’t complain much though cause they are somehow useful and mages have little life (which is their weakness) so totems make up for the lack of extra team mates. Also, spells cost too much sometimes for so little damage like Frost Armor which is almost non existence between gamers. I’m pretty sure you thought of it for a melee mage but no, dont bother. Also Planetary Strike II doesnt work well, and when shoot from afar it goes no further than 5 meters… XD I wont go too much into details with other things (unless someone asked me about mages) but those things are priority. Mages are (and always were) for players who use good strategy so it’s ok to be last tier for now.

      2.2 Rogues, as my second character the first thing that bothered me was his/her lack of speed while shooting which shouldnt be main priority. Talents has three weapons, Bow, slow but hit hard, decent weapon. Crossbow regular speed and +1 additional strike is my best weapon. Then Sling right now is not useful so don’t consider it as an end game item. The knives are melee and therefore not useful, why want to make a rogue a melee character? Guns look cool abut dont find it much use and Daggers are really good and consider as third weapon right now. The ranger doesnt have a dark element weapon so definitely needs one (at least the daggers must have this element)

      For the talents, one big issue DODGE CHANGE. I dont see it proc so this skill is under radar now. At level 15 only one talent, why? Maybe add the chance to move faster while shooting here? Also I dont know if it is me but the talents keep changing by itself at level 20 it keeps reseting to DODGER when I chose Orb thief (glitch?)
      -Unstable is USELESS, what is the point of this? Instead this skill should be change to at least be able to use Phantasm trap against hard bosses or something related to it.
      -Survival Instinct is not useful against hard bosses so the percentage should be increased.

      As for attributes, dexterity is a must and constitution a second attribute. Agility as a passive only gives you some speed while running but useless in battle since while shooting you will get hit and rogues do need to shoot all the time.
      Armor and items, King’s armor set is good but again same thing with the element so why it has dark element NOW when the ranger doesnt have that element as damage? I also would apply the recipe to change the element resistance with this armor. One thing I dont like for rangers is FAST FORWARD on chest. Rogues are not mages so instead they could put LEECH or something similar. Traps are not useful for end game bosses, please look at this and correct it because this is depressing. Maybe putting two traps instead of one sounds better since rangers need to have a time to move away from damage and shoot from afar. Otherwise this is the second best character right now. Weakness for rangers is pretty much his/her lack of positioning himself in the heat of a battle since they always shoot.

      2.3 Warriors. Good life and damage make this character the best right now but not my favorite (they are kinda boring and I dont play melee characters because of that). Warriors have swords, which are fast and have elemental damage, descent weapons. Axes, slow but strong, my favorite. They also have Maces, which I dont think are useful because of the suffix but at this time should not be used for warriors. Last, Fists and these weapons should be consider the third weapon for talent cause they are fast and has +1 strike.

      For talents, all of them look alright. It actually looks like this was the first character developers worked because it is well balanced in his skills. However, it also has some MAY ONLY which I dislike. As for attributes, Warriors only use Strength and constitution. No passive attribute for warriors which is good. Armor and items, well, warrior has RUSH which is good. Warrior end game armor Crystal Storm is actually a mess. It only gives you LIFE pretty much and because of the mitigation between Armor and Life, having too much life is useless since it cannot be stopped by armor. However, Warriors are top tier so it doesnt really affect him. The Titanium Throwing Axe are good but should be able to have more stacks, like 100 max and a little more damage since sometimes you also feel like attacking from afar (to break the routine a little).

      Well, just to finish some important notes to add:
      -Magic find (in this case, RNG Gods) is not applied. I noticed that if you stay in a game for too long looking for example the entire set of an armor (C’thiris Tesseract) The game will drop the entire set if you play for a couple of hours. However, this doesnt apply for example, with MASK. I have tried to find all chinese masks but since I can only get them to drop AT NIGHT and in SPRING EVENT this wont apply and the game will repeatedly give you the same item over and over and barely what you need (i’m missing the black mask) So RNG is very powerful for this case and Magic find doesnt apply at all in any item.
      -Buttons input don’t work well. Sometimes in the heat of a battle the game force you to be idle and standing when you want to use an item from your belt. I have pressed 2, 3 times and item while in battle and the game didnt register this so I died. This should happened and should be corrected because once an item has been pressed from input, it should be used.
      -After making a character and putting his/her voice this options is never used again. Sometimes while creating a character the voice somehow doesnt work so the EXAMPLE cannot be heard and therefore you dont know what type of voice your character has.
      -Items take too long to be created and once destroyed they completely gone, not even a small material is given back.
      -Combination of buttons are require for extra button inputs. Example Hold L2 and press O for an additional action or press two buttons like L1+R1 for extra input.
      -Game should have better description of items, for example which are useful and which can be destroyed. Maybe a small glossary can help and be updated everytime you find new items.
      -Vendors should be able to sell most important materials, specially those to make potions.
      -A Collectable list should be used to keep track of what I’m missing and I can know what I cannot get at all (like Pioneers cape for PS4 doesnt exist… I think)
      -Pets should have a small extra use… at least if you press a button they should distract the enemies… or do something silly lol
      -No need to find everything again with each character i create since I already did with a previous character…

      I read that RIFTS will be available soon which is good and requires good team work but not everyone will want to go to one if the prices are not worth it. I suggest adding whatever ideas you have like extra pets, vanity, recipes whatever BUT my take (and experience) on this is to add one item with random AFFIX. Example, A better ring with random numbers with a perfect roll. Like the ring of divine protection, maybe 2 additional strikers (rare) Multi strike chance and either +Life +Mana +Dexterity. Reason is simple, if there is not an item that its worthy to get then there is no need to do rifts. Even if pets and whatever a rift may drop are found, kids will trade and dupe it but they cannot trade one rare ring since it is hard to get it with perfect rolls. I noticed you completely avoid this with all the items which IS GOOD (only Diablo does this feature) but at least ONE ITEM should use this feature so everyone feels compelled to do rifts. For a rift to work fine it requires difficulty but I suggest this should escalate with more players. Example. If one or two people go inside they find one boss: Slime queen level 30!. If 3 people go inside they find two bosses. Slime queen and Knight Hunter AT THE SAME TIME. If 4 people go inside they find 3 bosses Slime queen level 30, Knight Hunter level 30, The Watcher lvl 30 all at the same time! Prizes could be their pets (just and idea) or something else like a mask. You also must consider that sometimes people want to play ALONE and dont want others to go into their worlds (specially to steal things) and ruin the game. Its important to mention this because you cannot force a game to be played as a multiplayer when there isnt always the chance to have internet. I also would suggest using whatever weapons are useless for some characters (warrior, mage, rogue) for other NEW characters.

      Notice that I’m not trying to add things, just correct them. But if i was a developer I would add lota new things if you ask me. thank you, bye.


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      This is what i look for in the future with this sick ass game!
      #1 New expansions
      #2 New classes, characters
      #3 Mount ride/fly
      #4 5-15+ lvl. every expansion
      #5 Endgame material
      #6 PvP battles group/duals, petbattles
      #7 meeting place for a larger group of onliners for auction house/pvpegearshop/transmogshop for weapons
      #8 Larger islands
      #9 Sign up for raids in large guilds w/normal/hard/extreamly hard modes
      #10 sort gear and weapon in rarity such as: commen(grey) uncommen(green), rare(blue), epic(purple), legendary(orange/red)
      #11 economy goldcoin1=1/crystals1=1000, tokens for pvp- & raidgear
      #12 craft speacial key for private chests
      #13 show partymembers under your lifebar w/life, mana avatarpic
      #14 Make it possible to heal partymembers
      Would love to see something of this in the future. 🙂

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      Thanks for the reply, here is my opinion of what you wrote:
      #1 There is a big update coming up so it will bring some expansion.
      #2 2 new characters confirmed, Rogue and Elf.
      #3 You mean vehicles? Hmmm I don’t think so.
      #4 More levels means more talents
      #5 By end game you mean to create what?
      #6 This is definitely one good idea but I doubt the programmers will pull it out since they don’t know how to balance the characters well and PVP requires a lot of testing (example Diablo 3 BAD PVP Diablo 2 GOOD PVP). But trust me, this is not easy to implement.
      #7 This was included in Diablo 3 back in the day but didnt work since people got rigged. I dont think the developers will use it because this game has lot of kids playing it.
      #8 Yes! but I also think of island limits from bottom to top. Example, I wanted to build a tower really tall but it had its limit which pissed me off.
      #9 Hmm I don’t know about this one
      #10 I believe developers want to make it simple so there isn’t even random rolls on the items so I doubt they will implement weapon rarity (like Diablo)
      #14 it’s already in the game

      Anyways, my original post I only tweaked some things already implemented IN THE GAME. However, If I was to add new things I will add more spells, more items, better enemy AI, missions, be the boss mode, etc. To implement new things require lota work because any RPG has to have BALANCE and that requires lot of testings and at this point I believe the programmers still struggle with it. I checked old patches and they nerfed a huge amount of things from back then but that’s another topic.

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