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      Hello all PK’ers!

      I have a question, as I have not been able to find anything on the web about it, will the nintendo switch’s version of PK be getting the Adventurer’s update? Reason I am asking is because I have finally found a game that both me and my girlfriend like, (we bought a switch and mario, but i couldnt get into it a bunch. I played a demo of PK at one point and thought she would like it.) and we have done a whole bunch of thing’s, We are about to start getting into Hardmode Bosses and beyond that i saw the adventurer update on steam. It has gotten me really excited and I just need to know if the update is in the making for the switch.

      Thank you!

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      Hi! I was about to post something like this. I have a Japanese account on my North American Switch and saw there’s a demo for Portal Knights. My friend and I have finished the game (version 1.2.2), even changing the time to partake of some of the seasonal events. But when I saw the demo, I had to see what changed, if anything.

      First off, it says 1.3.3jptrial! It also says it’s published by Spike Chunsoft as opposed to 505 Games. Anyway! It’s definitely different! There are NPCs in Squire’s Knoll! The loading screen is slightly different with random tips. There’s a zigzaggy effect around the screen when engaged with an enemy. The doors in the ruined tower are different, too! They’re stone doors now.

      The Japanese version is releasing on April 19, so can we hope for an update around April 18 (or even sooner, hopefully)? It would be unfair if they get an update and we don’t. Btw, even though it’s a Japanese demo with Japanese on the icon, and I used my Japanese account user, it loaded up in English. When it came to naming a character, even though the Japanese keyboard came up and I typed in a name in katagana, it displayed empty squares. The language seems to be tied to your console’s region. But hey! The English language at least is there!

      I have so many games, but this has hyped me up. Is there anyone in the know who can confirm? Please?

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      Me too I really need to know it s a long that im waiting that update and at least you give a little hopeful story so please if someone know something about that help us we really need it! please!

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      Indeed. I’ve been playing the demo a little more.

      There are lines, not zig-zags when you’re engaged with an enemy. (I was pretty darn tired last time.) Sometimes there’s a bit of yellow static that flares up for a fraction of a second when you speak to NPCs. Enemies respawn. The language of the game is tied to the language to which your device is set, so when I switched to Japanese, the names I entered in Japanese stayed. However, when I switched back to English, they turned into boxes again. Back to Japanese and the names reappeared. Oh, well, I get why this is happening. I’ll stick to English since my Japanese isn’t good enough to read the tip that appears, then quickly disappears, during loading. Is there only meant to be one tip? Only the tip I saw in Japanese said something about the god(dess? now I can’t remember the second kanji) Kolemis. Maybe I should read up on the lore. Sadly the demo ends when you step into the portal, but there are also screenshots I don’t recognize and don’t see on the wiki. Particularly the sign that has 3 interlocking gold rings.

      Sorry to babble, I really am excited for this. We’ll soon find out I guess. Although I did see that PK is available for Pre-Purchase in the Japanese eShop. Either they’re already downloading a locked v.1.3.3, they’re getting a huge update when the game goes live, or they’re going to be really disappointed.

      Don’t disappoint them. (Or us. We’re really excited!)

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      Finally got round to looking into the Japanese release.

      Looks like they got 1.2.2jp.

      But that sign with the gold interlocking rings is in both screenshot and trailers. What the heck is it?

      Darn, been wanting to get back into it and build stuff. 🙁

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      We’ll be getting Adventurer’s update along with the next “major update”.


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      1.3.5 is now live for Switch! <3

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