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      I’m playing co operation on my TV and the text that tells you what to do takes up the entire screen. Is there a way to make this smaller? This is the text that says Basis and lists any tasks you are to complete. Thank you!

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      Hey Ddill168,

      What type of television are you using (the old original TVs, a small HDTV, etc.)? The reason I ask is because I was having a similar issue as well (I own a small HDTV), and I fixed by changing my television’s picture settings (they have options like “wide”, “full”, “stretched”, etc.). I know it is a dumb suggestion, but sometimes it is little issues like that.

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      We too are having this issue with split-screen coop mode on the switch. It does not matter what hdtv settings are set to (we have tried them all and have not experienced this problem on the 300+ games we play from on our televisions (xbox,wii, wii u, playstation etc)

      Please fix this it is maddening, we cannot see in front of us even.

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      I’ve noticed this has been an issue since the latest update. Even when playing in handheld mode the text takes up a large amount of the screen, and I don’t think there’s a way to adjust the size or transparency of text.

      200+ hours logged!
      hmu to co-op!

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      We are also having the same problem. (in Kor-ver.)

      It happened after a recent update. The letters cover the enemy and even cover my character.
      When playing alone, cover about 1/3 of the screen. However, when playing in co-op mode, each becomes 2/3.

      Perhaps this is related to the increase in font size included in the UI update.

      Please fix this problem. asap.

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      Exactly the same problem here. I got this game for my wife and I to play something together. She has now quit playing the game for this issue alone. Can’t see what you’re doing even with one mission. Please fix.

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      Hey guys! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer support to everyone here on our community channels. If you wish to submit a bug directly to the team, please fill out a report by using our bug submission form below.

      BUG REPORTING FORM – https://fs30.formsite.com/505games/form16/index.html

      While you won’t get a reply directly from the team, this method will ensure that your bug is seen by them…
      Should you wish to speak to someone directly regarding any issues you’re having, please reach out to our dedicated Customer Support team. The team can investigate any issues you may be experiencing…


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      Same problem here.

      Please fix asap! 🙁

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      Hi, all, we’ve received a whopping update about a week ago (but which I’ve only just downloaded). I’ve only been able to take a quick peek solo, but it looks like they shrunk the text to as it was before the Adventurer’s Update. 😀

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      It has become a little smaller.
      But for two in local mode, it is really a pain.
      The text should be fade in easily by pressing a button.

      Currently the quest text is still too big

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