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      Not sure how to start so im just gonna jump in to it lol. but before i do, i love this game 🙂

      1. i would love it if the way you play the game was a never ending render world! For example when you start the game you spawn alone or with friends in a random generated world, and as you go along the world keeps rendering randomly! like what Minecraft has done, an explorers DREAM :3 never ending fun with friends.
      However i understand it’s called portal knights and portals are a huge part of the game, but having portals will be essential to fast travel or to bosses or even an event worlds. in a world this big fast travel will only be possible through portal pads/stones or maybe even mounts :).

      2. Difficulty. enjoy the game a huge amount, however sometimes it feels like it gets way too easy. adding an easy,medium,hard,realism to it me and my friends would love it. which brings me to my 3rd idea.

      3. FOOD. you can grow so many different types of plants/mushrooms it feels a little empty that you don’t have to avoid starving to death!

      4. pvp(player vs player). This one kinda goes hand in hand with the first idea. but combining a more open world with pvp system, example, maybe have 40 players make 4 teams of 10 v 10 v 10 v 10, now i understand that might be too much too quickly. but how about a 5v5. or a free for all, bringing 3 friends in a world an you all build ur own base and have epic slashing and mage fire-ball blasting at each other, sounds EPIC to me.
      and i know that this might be more work for you lovely developers with balancing(damage/armor being overpowered/underpowered) etc…. but i really think this game can get really big and pvp will be a huge part off it. combining survival with exploration with farming with epic fighting and still having the element of pve(player vs environment) like skeletons and dragons 🙂

      Hope you read it. Best regards ur biggest fan who started playing 2 days ago :3

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      Slight side note add, fall damage!

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      AvatarKayli Moon

      I honestly only agree with the Food/Hunger idea.
      1. The Open-World design would conflict with the story-line of the game (yes there’s a big story to why the portals exist and why the world is in fragments/islands.) If they made the world one big render world, it would ruin the entire namesake of the game. (Also I’m not sure if you notice but the islands alone already hog up a lot of resources just to render the whole island, it would literally murder the CPU/RAM to render a huge world with the graphics we are given. I already can’t play this game higher than med graphics on medium sized worlds. Can’t even do the Large worlds.) It’s not just me that would have this problem either, a large player base, even the ones who can run the highest graphics and largest worlds, would suffer from this.

      2. I wouldn’t say the game is ridiculously easy, besides like you said it is fun. They did recently release Hard Mode bosses, give them a try and see what ya think? But having the option to up the difficulty or lower it would be an okay edition, I’d probably just leave it at normal just because I’m an explorer/hoarder not one seeking thrills and kills lol.

      3. The food in the game does feel useless. Some of it is used in potions like Palm fruit, Potatoes, and Carrots, but things like Eggs, Mushrooms, and Pumpkins, hardly see usage. They are spammable Health restoratives, and have no cooldown, but being honest are you gonna grow a ton of pumpkins or mushrooms, which take a long while to grow, just for some spammable Health? Nahhh. The potions are good enough..

      4. I don’t see them making the game big enough for a world to hold more than 4 players, and the game was originally designed to be a 1-4 player Co-OP story-driven sandbox RPG. If they add PvP it’ll probably be a 1v1 or 2v2 style mode you can toggle on and off with the friends you’re with (much like how Terraria’s PvP system works), unless they allow you to make a world specifically for PvP only. Chances are the game will remain the PvM exploring game it was designed to be.

      5. No on the fall damage lol. I don’t see a reason to add it. Too much of the terrain is generated with steep falls, and a lot of the combat focuses on rolling, dodging, and quick thinking. With the terrain being as it is, one bad move in combat, could make you fall off the edge. That’s already a risk on ledges that fall into an abyss, having fall damage would just be an unnecessary source of damage when everything else is already trying to kill you. If most of the monsters and creatures were passive/neutral, then it might be a good idea.. But as it is now, there’s far too many in-game hazards to even need fall damage as one of them.

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