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      Hey guys, how goes it? I want to put this out there as I do not want to play offline all of the time but hey if that is what I have to do to stop people from stealing, then that is what I will do. Due to my other post on here for PS4 New players, someone sent me a friend request, I accept, you warp to my home world while I am building with my mic on, you have no mic, send no text or message, just run to my house and go through my stuff and steal my bars. You know who you are. I already put it out there to many of my friends to delete you. The funny thing is if you just woulda asked, I would have given you whatever you needed. Some peoples kids I swear. Anyhoo Zebulan, oops. I wasn’t gonna mention your name. PSYCH!!

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      Hey man. This happened to me last night. One guy join my game and stole many of my hard to get items. his user name started with “danni…” If you ever want to play let me know I have the same user on PS4.

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