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      Hi All,

      I tried to find a resent bug topic about this but only found pretty old ones?
      My hubby and me are playing on PS4 in a large world and are also building in our home town. We can place torches/light bowls and it will light the area up for a little while but then it goes dark. I saw someone mention (in a old topic) that it could possible be that you can only place …. amount of torches/bowles in a world but i really do not know if that is true (and if it is true it would be nice to know how many..) Do other people have the same problem and did you find a possible fix?

      Greetings Yana

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      I have not experienced this problem yet. I also play large worlds on PS4. Can you post a picture or maybe invite to your world? You may need to reload the islands.

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