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      I’ve seen both a water fountain that looked like a mouth and a drain for continuous flowing water but cannot locate a recipe or way to aquire said items. When mined they merely become a stone block. Anyone found the recipe?

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      I´m not shure about that, but I think you can´t craft and use them atm. Asked myself how to build a waterfall like they are at some Islands.

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      Not sure about it.

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      I needed a lot, A LOT of water for a level that I was designing for a project at university. I had one western level were a planted thousands of Cacti. Every now and then I went back to harvest water for water bombs. Took me about a month. But that’s for a static body of water. For a flowing one… I don’t think Portal Knights allow you to place your own, or ever will. It’s so heavy for the PS4 to handle.
      You’d be lucky getting a Fresh Water Fountain event in a level were you want water. Then you can just funnel the water to wherever you want it.
      But even then you the physics almost crashing sometimes 🙂

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      I play on steam (pc.) I downloaded a world from the community section, that another player had created. Turns out this person plays on Playstation 4, as they had items from the Sapphire pack. What I’d like to know is where he got all the water fountain faces from. They (the builder) had too many to have been randomly spawned and built around. There were six or seven of them all in a line next to one another spewing water. There was also one right on top of the sapphire throne. I’m wondering if those weren’t hacked in or were playstation users given something us pc users didn’t get?

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      There is a Merchant that sells them. I believe it’s on the 3rd world, saw it in a friend’s world but mine didn’t have the same npc (i have small islands, his is set to large islands) just look around at all the shop NPCs one of them sells the block. There is also a old fashion well pump. (Metal spigot with a lever used to pull water from a well)

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      New to the community, but I just did a video on how to build a moat. Hope these helps!


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      The pump and drain are sold by Abilena in Fort Finch. I have completely taken over Squires Knoll and have waterfalls, lakes, underwater rooms and a huge pool. The pump only works for 8 seconds. Then shuts off. I just line up a bunch and fill up whatever I am building.

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