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      I would like to new biome and new island biome ideas biome biome mountain, beach, sea, savannah, forests prairies, steppe, cloud, tundra, giant tree, cave … and new bosses.

      Pet I would like to
      inventory who can attack enemies and stats and level like on torchlight 2 it would be more useful.

      The possibility enchant the weapon with damage of fire ice poison air water earth arcane electricity nature with kind rune or gem for weapons.

      Increased levels up to 100 for the character.

      Have full new weapons and armor of the spells own to each class with a tree of the own talent to each class.

      Example: me who plays rodeur I would like spells to draw 3 arrow at the same time draws in raffale .. things like his.

      I would like to have a tree of general talent that already in the games and other for the talent of class.

      I hope that the developer read my suggestions to improve your games .

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      Some of what you’re saying is confusing. I’m glad that the talent tree is simple and easy and don’t want to see it clustered like other games. I’m glad that the pet isn’t necessary, doesn’t attack and doesn’t have to be managed. If you want a game to be drastically like other games, go play other games. It’s okay for games to have their own flavor and isn’t a copy and paste of 9 other games out there.

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