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      AvatarM. H. Walker

      I want to use my current Universe as the Universe that is used in my dedicated server (thanks, Adventurer’s Update), but I can’t find where it’s saved.

      Every Google search returns that Universe save files are located at C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\portal_knights. When I go there, all I see are files named 0000000000000000 – 0400000000000407 with corresponding backups. There’s no discernible way to tell what file is what. As a test, I moved every file in that folder to a folder on my desktop, but my Universes/Characters in-game were not affect, in Online or Offline play. I also tried creating a new Character/Universe, and nothing was added to the folder.

      Were saves moved to another location in the newest Adventurer’s Update?

      Thanks in advance!

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      It’s still the same folder, but you have to turn off steam cloud sync for it to affect anything. Try that, then testing the files like you planned to. I’m also unsure which files are now the universe files.

      Honestly, file management is a pain this patch. It seems like the cloud doesn’t update the files on your computer anymore, since if you disable it, it reverts to the state it was in before the patch. (For example, I made a new character since the patch, and if I disable steam cloud, that character is no longer there.)

      So if you made this world after the patch, it might not even be in that folder at all. If it was made before, if you port it over to the server it will be in whatever state it was in before the patch. I’m going to try to get the cloud to update my save folder on my comp. If I find any way to do it, I’ll reply here. If anyone else finds a way to do it before then, sharing would be appreciated.

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      OK, made some progress faster than I thought.

      So, the steam cloud saves are saved locally, just in a weird spot. You can find them at:


      The id# is account related, so will be different for everyone. It was the shorter number between the two folders for me. The 374040 part is Portal Knights’ store page ID.

      If you move those files into your Saved Games folder, the game will load those when you disable Steam Cloud. From there, you can test which files do what. From the small amount of testing I did:

      00000… did nothing noticeable when moved
      01000… removed my characters when moved
      02000… did nothing noticeable when moved
      03000… removed my Universe 1 when moved
      the 03000… files that ended in other numbers than 0 moved my other universes
      I didn’t mess with the 04000… files at all

      So, you’re gonna want to move one of the 03000… files to your server. The one ending in 0 will be your first universe, the one ending in 1 will be your second one, etc. you should be able to figure out which is the right one pretty easily. You could probably just take it from the remote folder if you wanted to, rather than moving things around.

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      Just found out the 04000… files are the islands, so to be safe copy all those over as well. Either that, or test them individually to see which ones are in the universe you want, but it shouldn’t cause any problems to have extra ones in there since nothing will point to them.

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        thanks you , its really good query

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      AvatarM. H. Walker

      Thanks so much for the information! I sifted through the Steam folders a bit but didn’t find anything. I guess I’m just not as perceptive, hehe.

      Thanks again for the reply. 🙂

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