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      Hi, I’m Lucas from Argentina… and yes, since the game is new and nobody registered my name until now, I thought “hmm why not?”

      Anyway, I wonder where are you building your home and other stuff like maybe workshops, since the mobs keep on spawning in the same places no matter what and it’s even worse at night.
      Did you have to make room for your house? Is the spawning point a good place to do it? Or maybe you don’t care about the mobs and claimed a tower?

      There is already a post for sharing WHAT are you building, but I didn’t see one asking WHERE.

      I’m new so I still have my house in the old farm, in the 1st world, it’s more like a workshop with a bed and open roof so I can see the sky (not really, I was lazy and didn’t complete the roof).

      Sorry for my bad English. Hope to have lots of comments and opinions here 🙂

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      I claimed a tower and just kill the 3 mobs that spawn there every time the island loads. Bonus XP I suppose.
      I will eventually build my own place somewhere and it will be right next to a spawn pod. Maybe even have the spawn pod inside of the house, who knows.

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      Abandoned the farm yesterday, I have colonised (and totally pacified) the caves under the first island.

      Spirit is All in Nothing.

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      The skeleton from the tutorial island doesn’t spawn anymore after you kill it??

      I’m considering making the house around the spawn pod right now, maybe in the snow.

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