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      I’m pretty sure most people already know about “Workbenching” and how it’s for some reason unobtainable, as a quick search for it and it seems nobody has found a answer as to why that is. From my personal research and attempts to obtain it, I found out the answer of why: Because 2 of the islands that count towards this trophy are not obtainable legitimately.

      The reason why they are necessary is that these islands are numbered to be part of worlds 1-3 instead of worlds 4 or 0, thus counting towards the achievement. The islands in question are the “Fields of Balance” (obtainable from the Spring Festival Event from 2017) and “Rainbow Island” (Exclusive from the Gold Throne Gift Box DLC for 3.99$). Although Fields of Balance can be obtained by setting your internal clock to February 20th 2017 and completing a chain of quests, Rainbow Island on the other hand is locked behind DLC, which I don’t have to tell you how unfair that is.

      This leads into only two possible ways of obtaining the “Workbenching” achievement:

      1. Purchase the DLC.

      2. Find someone who has the DLC and obtain the achievement through them.

      I sincerely hope that the developers see this and fix it as soon as possible. Maybe they can change what worlds they are apart of by setting them to 4 or 0 instead of 1-3?

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      Well, if you feel like helping a guy out I would like to visit the Rainbow Island (sounded better in my head). PSN name whiteboi4u.

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