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    This is what i look for in the future with this sick ass game!
    #1 New expansions
    #2 New classes, characters
    #3 Mount ride/fly
    #4 5-15+ lvl. every expansion
    #5 Endgame material
    #6 PvP battles group/duals, petbattles
    #7 meeting place for a larger group of onliners for auction house/pvpegearshop/transmogshop for weapons
    #8 Larger islands
    #9 Sign up for raids in large guilds w/normal/hard/extreamly hard modes
    #10 sort gear and weapon in rarity such as: commen(grey) uncommen(green), rare(blue), epic(purple), legendary(orange/red)
    #11 economy goldcoin1=1/crystals1=1000, tokens for pvp- & raidgear
    #12 craft speacial key for private chests
    #13 show partymembers under your lifebar w/life, mana avatarpic
    #14 Make it possible to heal partymembers
    Would love to see something of this in the future. 🙂

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