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      Hi everyone, I played the game a lot and enjoyed it so far but I also think the game is missing simple stuff to make it good for everyone:

      First of all, I see this game as one of those relaxing and simple game, not an hardcore game so I’m totally fine with the idea of it NOT being balanced, I love that classes are pretty much broken in late game, Mages dps is dope, warriors have really good buffs and defenses except for rangers, I don’t think the ranger class is bad, I just think that compared to the other is missing something, and the idea is really simple, just add some archer based dex scaling buffs, just like shouts scale with strenght, and spells scales with int.

      It’s true that rangers can use spells or shouts but it won’t be as effective as if used by a warrior or a mage (I mean like things should be), Using poison rain on archer is pretty useless unless you go full int and also you don’t have access to the 30% chance of resetting the spell like mages (But what’s the point on playing a ranger like that) and the shouts doesn’t give that much of a buff if you don’t build up any strenght…

      By adding some dex based spell you can make the class just as strong as the other, and by being dex scaled you also avoid other classes taking that much of advantage by using them..
      Something like an attack speed buff, throwing random numbers : you get 20% + X DEXSCALING attack speed for X second (Come on, mage with wands has more attackspeed than a ranger?…) or a charged shot, you use the spell your character charges the next attack the more it is kept pressed, from +50% up to +X% (Dex scaled)
      Or a Piercing shot: “For the next X Seconds, your projectiles will pierce through 1 + X(Dex based) enemies”, the more dex the more it pierces through, and like shouts make them share the cooldown so it can be played like:
      During a boss i go with piercing shots to take out the crystals or worm tail faster, and then switch to attackspeed during downphase to boost dps…

      I think this is the only thing the game really needs for now, this would make all classes fun to play, aside of this the only thing i would like would be more biomes,worlds dungeons and also more late game weapons, it kinda ruins the fun of a class having talents for 3 different weapons style and then the game only gives you one weapon type as late game weapons, why don’t make hardmode bosses drop axes, wands, crossbows?

      Now, I also now this post will be completely ignored but heh, I’ve tried anyways..

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