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    I am quite happy with my PK purchase! You guys have updated twice already since I started (400 game-play hours ago eesh!) You are already going in a better and faster direction then Minecraft, DragonQuest Builder, Cubeworld and other direct competition games.

    You have gone above and beyond, solving some of my biggest game-play issues in both updates without me even seeing their mention on the forums. but there is one thing I have noticed and really think needs to be addressed. Especially from the RPG standpoint.

    I wanted to just start with that ONE SUGGESTION, though I have many thoughts, none are as simple nor as important as this:


    One big thing that lacks in PK is the ROLE piece of RPG, and that is because in nearly every way, all of your characters are locked into the same preferences…. Two major examples below –

    1) If you “turn on helmets” it turns them on for ALL YOUR CHARACTERS!!! UGH!

    2) All your characters SHARE THE SAME Home!

    There are other disruptions I’ve run into that are linked to this current design of characters, and it’s such a SIMPLE solution I hope that it can be looked into for the sake of really being able to personalize and customize each characters in-game experience.

    What should be done – Separate characters completely, so you can have Home islands for each, character options for each, and maybe even keybindings for each.

    Why this ONE suggestion over others – First because it should be relatively simple as a programming change, with LOTS of subsequent benefits. Second because it will enhance everyone’s game-play experience. (AKA large benefit group)

    Thank you for your time – now I have a Desert Palace to continue building,


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