Let’s Talk Social…

By Antonela Pounder @AnimatedAnt (Community Manager – 505 Games)

Hi everyone!

Welcome to another Community Blog. We hope you all enjoyed the Easter break and got a chance to check out the latest Portal Knights update! Featuring an Easter egg event, (which ends this Sunday) we’ve also included new armor sets, explosive TNT’s, new furniture, building blocks and more. Not only that, we’ve introduced a new enemy to the dungeons, the Hollow King boss fight is now a bigger challenge, we’ve introduced the hoe (used to transform dirt blocks into fertile soil), combat has been tweaked and much, much more! Check it out now, if you haven’t already.

So… What’s new? Well, as you can imagine, our dev team are working flat out right now to bring your ideas to life in future updates. Speaking of updates… You’re probably wondering what to expect in Update v 0.3.0? We don’t have anything to unveil today, but keep an eye on our social channels over the coming weeks! 😉

Let us take this opportunity to thank our community once again for being completely open and honest with us – your feedback really does matter to us. Whilst we cannot possibly reply to each and every one of you, please be rest assured that your suggestions are being listened to and we’re working around the clock to make you guys happy! As we’ve said many times before, we’re in this for the long haul and we want you to love Portal Knights, so let’s continue to work together to make this game something really special!

Speaking of feedback and suggestions, let’s talk social for a moment, shall we? Whilst we’re working hard on bringing your ideas to live in game, is there anything you’d like to see across our social channels that we’re not doing already? We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our community space. Oh… And we’re completely open to suggestion! Do you want to see more competitions? Dev Q&A’s? More surveys? Let us know.

On that note, thanks again for your continued support!

Have a fantastic weekend, Portal Knights!

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