Update v 1.1 Available NOW on Steam! Includes Kolemis Event, New Pets, Armor and More!

By Antonela Pounder @AnimatedAnt (Community Manager – 505 Games)

Portal Knights… We’re pleased to announce that Update v 1.1 is available to download right now on Steam! This is our first major update since we launched out of Early Access and it’s filled with a bunch of really cool stuff. Not only that, but the team have been hard at work tackling the bugs and issues you’ve been reporting.

Update v 1.1 Additions
· Option to toggle the split screen direction (We’ve now included vertical split screen.)
· Host player can now kick players by right clicking their name on the map screen and choose “kick”. This kick is connected with a ban for the game session. After closing and reopening the session the kicked player can join again.
· Confirmation message for the Back to Title button
· New active portal VFX
· New Event:
o Kolemis Temple Trials Event
· Trial island with NPCs presenting the quests of the new culture of the Pillars
· Trial of Strength (Be the last one standing!)
· Trial of Delving (Beware of the explosive barrels!)
· Trial of Agility (The floor is lava!)
o New island theme with new music, plants and scatter
o Reward island of the new island theme
· Merchant building complex with 3 merchants
· Built out of a new Blue Concrete Block
· Recipes for 9 new sets of armour
· Dungeons
o Improved randomisation of dungeon end rooms
o Several dungeon rooms have been tweaked
o Some new dungeon rooms have been added
· UI marker for NPCs, Portals and Tutorial missions
o These markers will be activated automatically after you have found the respective locations
· 3 Dog pets have been added to the inventory of Funny Jongo the Pet Merchant

Update v 1.1 Fixes
· Fixed: Broken or lost Characters after Crash or sudden disconnect in multiplayer sessions
· Fixed: Massive lags and stuttering while playing multiplayer. These fixes should improve the overall network traffic. Please also keep in mind that larger island sizes will still end in longer loading times.
· Fixed: Full screen is not working correctly
· Fixed: Players can’t use the Steam UI to join sessions directly
· Fixed: Game crashes in rare cases when certain talents have been used
· Fixed: User is not able to put items into chests while their backpack is full
· Fixed: Hardmode Boss Worm deals nature damage instead of thunder damage
· Fixed: Buggy enemy behavior if an enemy moves back to their home zone after chasing the player
· Fixed: Buggy enemy behavior if an enemy can’t reach the player on higher grounds
· Fixed: Flying enemies can’t reach the player if he is hidden behind an object

Update v 1.1 Console Release
Console players… We’re heading into submission very soon and as soon as we have a launch day for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we’ll let you guys know. (Hopefully we won’t keep you waiting too long!)

Out Now on Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Mobile   ❯