Co-Op play with friends just got easier!

By Antonela Pounder @AnimatedAnt (Community Manager – 505 Games)

It’s been almost a month since we launched and what a crazy month it’s been! You guys have been amazing. Let us start by thanking all of you for coming on board and travelling on this journey with us! Our community are so passionate about Portal Knights and we’ve been so overwhelmed by the level of engagement and enthusiasm from you guys. Thank you, once again!

UPDATE V 0.1.3
OK… So what’s new? Well, if you haven’t noticed already, we released an update for Portal Knights this week, which contains numerous bug fixes, changes and additions. We’ve tackled a number of problems, including co-op connectivity with friends, resolution bugs and achievement issues. We’ve also listened to your feedback on resource cost. As a result, we’ve now reduced Gold and Titanium bar costs by 50%! For more info on our latest update, head over to our Steam page.

Speaking of co-op, we’re currently running a giveaway that ends next week! We want you and your friends to get in game, put your team work skills to the test and capture the most creative co-op shot you can. It can be anything from a screenshot of you and your friends in battle, to a group photo outside your castle… Anything that makes us go “WOW!” Once you’re done, send us your screenshot using the ‘Message’ tab on Facebook, along with the message ‘Portal Knights Competition Entry’ or tweet us using #PortalKnightsComp.

Time to get creative and think outside the box! Our favorite 3 entries will win themselves an Official Portal Knights T-Shirt. We’ve had some awesome submissions so far and we’ll share these across our social channels once our competition ends. In the meantime, good luck to those entering!


The one thing we’ve been truly overwhelmed by is community UGC. You guys are absolutely amazing and have shared some incredible creations with us over the last few weeks. Some of the buildings you’ve built have blown us away. It’s very clear to us that you love building and we will be expanding on this, watch this space. In the meantime, check out some of the crazy castles our community has built below…


If you’d like to see your home included in our album, send us your screenshots now using the ‘Message’ tab on Facebook, or tweet us using #PKHome.

So… What’s next? Well, our devs are continuing to work hard to bring you updates and fixes and we’ll have more to share on this soon. In the meantime, should you have any awesome suggestions on how you think we can improve Portal Knights, sign up to our website now, head over to our Official forums and let us know your thoughts in our pinned ‘Suggestions’ forums.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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