Update v 0.8.0 is available to download NOW on Steam!

By Antonela Pounder @AnimatedAnt (Community Manager – 505 Games)

Portal Knights Update v 0.8.0 is OUT NOW!

Update v 0.8.0, introduces a bunch of improvements, features and bug fixes, including the ALL-NEW timed Spring Festival event and a HUGE rework of the talent tree!

Our latest update also sees the introduction of level and/or class requirements, added support for Thai and Czech and much more!

Portal Knights Update – v 0.8.0

– The Spring Event is available now with lots of new items, enemies and quests.
– A new enemy invasion event has been added.
– The whole talent tree for all three classes has been reworked. Lots of new talents have been added. Talents have visual and sound effects now. All players need to choose their talents anew due to this change.
– Warriors can craft throwing axes now.
– The Arcane Mirror has been added to the game. It allows fast travel between the home island and the last island the player was on.
– Most weapons and armour sets now have level and/or class requirements. Players who don’t fulfill these requirements will not be able to use these items effectively.
– Text-chat has a history now.
– Added support for Thai and Czech.

– Damage types have been reworked. Enemies and equipment will now clearly display their damage type (if they have one). Some damage types have been renamed.
– The order in which Electro Quartz and Flame Ruby appear in the world and in crafting stations has been switched.
– The names of many items and places have been updated. Also, some items have a more detailed description now.
– The quest texts in the HUD have been reworked to reduce visual clutter.
– Area-based quests are only displayed when the player is in the corresponding area now. When there are several quests open, the nearest area determines which quest is displayed.
– Bomb recipes have been moved to the Archery crafting station. Enemies now always drop bombs rather than recipes.
– Throwing weapons are consumed now when being used.
– Backpack space has been increased to 40 slots now. Chests also have more slots now.
– A new redistributable has been added to the installation process. This has been applied in the last couple of days already.
– Loot stays in the islands longer before de-spawning.

– A crash when fighting the bosses has been fixed.
– Plants grow correctly now when the player is in the game but on a different island.
– Several crashes that occurred randomly were fixed.
– Several areas of the game have been tweaked to improve the general performance.
– The tutorial texts refer to the controller buttons correctly now.
– Pets no longer move erratically when the player is idling.
– Monkey priests don’t show the curse when outside of the Tomb of C’Thiris event island anymore.
– Achievements have been fixed.
– The loot log doesn’t show incorrect items anymore.
– Continuously scrolling when opening a menu with a controller should no longer occur.

Known Issues
– Joining friends through the Steam client doesn’t work. Please use the ingame joining menu.
– Joining a host who is quitting the game at the same time can cause an endless black screen for the joining player. Please re-start the game if this has happened.
– It is currently possible to join a friend who is playing with a host player who is not your own friend. The network code has been reworked as preparations for Split-Screen and “Players on different islands”. So new issues may occur due to this.
– Players leaving and joining are currently not mentioned by name in the alert popup.
– Changing the display mode from windowed to fullscreen can take two trials before it works correctly.

ahora disponible en Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch y Mobile   ❯