A Big ‘Thank You’

By Antonela Pounder @AnimatedAnt (Community Manager – 505 Games)

It’s been just over a week since we announced Portal Knights and what a week it’s been! The teams at 505 Games and Keen have been truly overwhelmed by the positive response across our forums and social channels. To say we’re grateful for the support is an understatement, so a big ‘thank you’ to each and every one of you and welcome on board!

So, what’s been happening in the past week? Well, the developers have been busy preparing for launch and I’ve been busy chatting with the our future knights. You’ve flooded our community channels with your enthusiasm and excitement, so thanks once again – you guys are brilliant!

Since the big announcement, we’ve seen quite a few questions surrounding Portal Knights, one of which is with regards to the state of the game at EA launch. Let us be clear… When you buy Portal Knights, you can expect a playable and stable game! It will contain all the major features, from character customization, mining, building, crafting, boss battles, multiplayer, portal travel, combat etc. We will be updating the game very regularly, be rest assured…and of course the community will play a massive part in that.

Price has been a major talking point over the past few days too. In case you missed our community posts, we’re pleased to announce that Portal Knights EA will go on sale on February 25th on Steam for $14.99.

Another hot topic on our community channels surrounds controller support. Whilst this isn’t something that will be ready for launch, we can tell you that due to popular demand, controller support is coming. (See, we are listening to you!) 😉

One final thing we want to address this week, are concerns some of you have expressed surrounding co-op mode. In Portal Knights, the focus is on single player and small groups of up to 4 friends playing. We’re not an MMO and our focus is not on PvP. We do understand though, that some of you may not know others who will play the game. We do hope, however, that over time you’ll get to know others through our Official community channels. That way you guys can join forces and adventure together!

In the run up to launch, we’ll continue to give you all an insight into Portal Knights and what to expect. Keep an eye on our channels for the latest news, giveaways and updates! Our Official forums are up and running too, so register now and help shape the future of Portal Knights with us > www.portalknights.com/forums

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