Community Loyalty

By Antonela Pounder @AnimatedAnt (Community Manager – 505 Games)

Firstly… Welcome to another community blog! As you can probably imagine, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes in the world of Portal Knights, as we continue to bring suggestions to life and work on bringing a bunch of new features to the game. When we look back, it’s crazy to see how far this game has come, but we’ve still got lots in the pipeline and are we are far from done!

UPDATE V 0.6.0
Last month, we launched our latest update… Update v 0.6.0. This update introduced some huge community features to Portal Knights… NPC’s, pets, all-new events, combat improvements, the portal compass and much more! The response from the community has been incredible and we’re so pleased that you’re enjoying the update as much as we are. Looking back, Portal Knights has come a long way since launching into Early Access in February. However, be rest assured, we’re going to keep on pushing! Soon after we launched our latest update, we asked our community to once again provide us with some feedback in the form of a short survey. This is something we’re going to continue doing, as the info we get is invaluable to the team. Many of you continue to put some time aside to give us your thoughts and for that, we want to say a massive thank you! You guys are awesome! Expect another survey on your social timeline soon after the launch of our next update… 😉

UPDATE V 0.7.0
Speaking of future updates… What’s next in the pipeline? Well… Behind the scenes, our team of developers are continuing to work flat out on the next update, which is scheduled for launch at the end of November. While we don’t want to give everything away at this stage, what we can say is we’re super excited at what’s to come. Update v 0.7.0 is filled with even more community requests, including water, which we announced most recently. We know this is something our players have been asking for since our EA launch, so we’re thrilled to be bringing it to Portal Knights as part of our next major update. As you can imagine, implementing water isn’t an easy task, but our developers have been working incredibly hard to make this happen. We cannot wait to see what our community does with it! Once Update v 0.7.0 is out in the wild, be sure to share your screenshots and videos with us – We’ll repost as many as we can across our social channels in the near future! As for what else is coming… Well, you’re just going to have to wait and see! Stay tuned to our community channels over the next couple of weeks as we unveil more info on Update v 0.7.0! We think you’re going to love it! 😉

We’re learning so much during this Early Access period and we have our community to thank for that. You guys have been so incredibly loyal, supportive and encouraging! There’s still a long way to go and we know that, but we’re pushing hard and we’re going to continue to try and bring your awesome suggestions to life! We’re not just appreciative for the positive comments that come through, but also the constructive criticism we receive. We’ve always been open to suggestion and this isn’t about to change. Our community have been so honest with us during our EA journey and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for that. It makes a massive difference! As we’ve said many, many times before, we’re developing Portal Knights WITH our community, so please, continue to be open and honest with us. It means world to us and we’re so grateful to have you guys on board.
Keep on being awesome and have a great week!

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