Portal Knights Gifting System

Hi everyone! Today we want to discuss the gifting system we have in Portal Knights. For those unaware of the process we have in place, let us fill you in! Every week (typically from Thursday to Sunday) we give our community the opportunity to obtain a free gift from in-game, from their mail box. This could be a stack of building blocks, an adorable little pet, some vanity items or even some new furniture. The gift we hand out is decided by us, the team here at 505 Games and Keen Games… BUT we are always open to community suggestions / feedback. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to give away and we’ll see what we can do! 🙂


WHERE CAN I FIND A MAILBOX? – Head over to Squire’s Knoll, Pirate City or Fort Finch to find a ready-crafted mail box! You can also craft one using the drafting table.

WHEN DO YOU LAUNCH NEW GIFTS? – Right now, we are giving away free gifts from every Thursday, through until Sunday (11:59pm local time) This might change in the future, so be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest!

HOW DO I KNOW IF I HAVE A GIFT? – Simply look for the orange glowing gift box above the mailbox itself.

I’M A NINTENDO SWITCH PLAYER AND HAVE MISSED OUT ON PREVIOUS GIFTS! WILL I GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET THEM? – Yes! Absolutely! 🙂 Our plan is to shortly publish a gifting schedule, highlighting when you’ll get the opportunity to obtain previous gifts in-game. Stay tuned! If you’re a PS4, Xbox One, Steam or mobile player, this will also be an opportunity to pick up any gifts you might have missed!

MY MAIL BOX IS EMPTY! WHY? – Firstly, PLEASE ensure you are connected ‘Online’ before heading in-game. This can be done on the main menu before you get into character selection. This is really important. If you’re a Nintendo Switch player, you will need an Online Membership in order to receive your gift. REMEMBER – Gifts are ONLY available from Thursday until Sunday!

I DON’T HAVE A MAILBOX! WHY? – Have you regenerated your universe since we introduced gifting to Portal Knights? If not, we strongly suggest you do! When you regenerate your universe, all islands will reset EXCEPT vacant islands and your home island. Please ensure you move any items you wish to keep before regenerating.


On the universe selection screen, press the Settings option to the far right of the universe you wish to regenerate.

On the ‘Save Data Details’ screen, select ‘Regenerate’

You’ll be presented with a warning. Read this carefully then when you’re ready, select ‘Regenerate’

I FOLLOWED THE ABOVE STEPS AND STILL DON’T SEE MY GIFT. WHAT’S GOING ON? – Firstly, we suggest you try multiple times over the course of the weekend, at different times. The team are aware that some players have been experiencing issues, so PLEASE try this before reporting anything directly to our team. Some of our players have been able to access their gift when attempting to retrieve it at a different time.

If you’re still not able to access your gift, please report the problem to our developers. Please also ensure you include the following info as part of your bug form…

Location (Where in the world are you?)

Time (What time / times have you tried accessing your gift?)

Date (What date / dates have you tried accessing your gift?)

BUG REPORT FORM – https://fs30.formsite.com/505games/form16/index.html

Thanks everyone!

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