All Under Control

By Antonela Pounder @AnimatedAnt (Community Manager – 505 Games)

Hi everyone!

Firstly, welcome to another Community Blog! We know it’s been a while, but in case you’ve been wondering, we’ve decided to publish a blog less frequently, so we have more to talk about when we do! 🙂

Update V 0.3.0
For those who may have missed the news, we recently launched our Ghost World update (v 0.3.0) Not only did we introduce a new island theme, but we also included a bunch of new content, such as an events system, furniture, character customization options, new enemies, trophies and the ability to drop items, something we know our community have been asking for since day one! The feedback we received on launching v 0.3.0 was incredible and we’re so glad you love the update as much as we do.

Community Feedback
Last month, we launched a Community Roadmap survey, in order to find out exactly what’s important to you guys and what’s not. That survey is still open, for anyone who hasn’t already sent us their thoughts. As we’ve said many times before, community feedback is incredibly valuable to us, going forward. We’re constantly reading your suggestions and feedback, but now we’re digging deeper to find out exactly what would make Portal Knights the game you want it to be. While we won’t be publishing the results publicly, the feedback we’ve been receiving has been fantastic and we’re very grateful to all those who’ve taken part.

If you’ve not taken part yet and want to, click here >

Next Steps
So, what’s going on behind the scenes right now? Well… As you can probably guess, our devs are working flat out as they prepare the next update. Let’s just say, we’re super excited with what’s to come! We have now prioritized development and implemented one of the most asked for community requests, so expect to have great control of your characters in the next update! *Hint hint* 😉

Over the coming weeks, we’ll give our community a sneaky peek into what’s to come, so be sure to follow us across all our channels so you don’t miss out!

On that note, have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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