Portal Knights – Update v 1.2 Coming October 16th On Steam

By Antonela Pounder @AnimatedAnt (Community Manager – 505 Games)

Portal Knights… Update v 1.2 is just around the corner!

Our latest major update is filled with content and features we hope our community will enjoy! Get ready to acquire and build on all-new vacant islands, explore reworked islands, take part in all-new boss quests, all-new enemy invasion events, obtain new weapons, vanity items and plenty of other stuff too! Want to know more? Keep on reading…

New Features and Content – Update v 1.2

* Various islands will have a new environmental appearance with a different dirt texture, new plants, lighting, sounds, props etc.
* The time between events has been reduced. Events will take place every hour, instead of every six hours.
* Vacant ‘blank canvas’ islands will be available via an in-game merchant.
* Users will have the ability to reset a universe. “Home” islands and the new vacant islands will be excluded from this reset. This will enable the new boss key quests, vacant islands and POI’s in old universes as well.

* 2 new enemy invasion events for the pool of randomly occurring events. (Mummy Invasion and Stoneguardian Invasion)
* New quest chain for unlocking the boss portals. These quest chains will provide:
* New tasks for the players, new NPC’s with new dialog, new enemies, dungeons, island environmental look with new sounds, block textures etc.
* New item “Boss key” which will be required to unlock the boss portal leading to the first boss.

* New rewards such as:
* Cultist vanity armor set
* New “curse” skill
* C’thiris basecap vanity item
* Large stone bricks block
* Yellow stone bricks block
* Squid pet
* C’thiris flag item
* Pirate sabre weapon
* Pirate pistol weapon
* Pirate staff weapon
* Cannons + cannonballs. The new cannon prop can be crafted and placed on any island.
* Pirate vanity armor set
* Pirate parrot pet.
* Pirate flag item
* Meteoroid trophy prop
* Goggles vanity item
* Meteoroid spell
* Laboratory deco props

* Boss portals will have a new design and get unlocked in a visually more impressive fashion.
* Additional new items:
* Angel-wing ring: drops from hollow king with a low chance. When equipped the player can jump higher.
* Cat paw potion: sold by a new “Points of interest” – merchant. This will reduce fall damage.
* Pirate-certificate deco item
* Fake beard vanity item
* Tinfoil hat vanity item
* New enemies including crabs on Caribbean/Beach islands and Cultists on the Oasis island
* New “Points of interest” which consists of various NPC’s with new dialogs, quests, pre-made dungeons or buildings and special quest rewards:
* Crystal- and asteroid themed islands have low gravity.
* NPC’s have more detailed facial features – freckles, scars, wrinkles etc.

But that’s not all… This update contains some great improvements…

Update v 1.2 Improvements

* Loot chests have an improved model and opening animation. They are opened via interaction now instead of destruction.
* Chests can be opened freshly every time an island is re-visited.
* Most dungeon deco props can be mined and placed by the player.
* Shelves and cupboards in buildings and dungeons will be pre-filled with deco props.
* Rapid placement of blocks has been made smoother.
* Jumping while opening a door no longer causes the player to get stuck in the door.
* Miner helmet flame will no longer obstruct sight in first person camera mode.
* Various bug-fixes for events, island loading, sounds etc.
* Reduced save data size
* Reduced memory usage and faster loading
* Improved LOD for better performance on medium and large islands

Community Feedback

The response so far to our announcements has been overwhelmingly positive and we cannot wait for you to check these features out for yourself! As we’ve done many times in the past, we’ll be publishing a short Community Survey soon after launch across both Steam and console for you guys to tell us what you think. Please, be as open and honest as you can be!

Update v 1.2 Launch Date

So… When can you expect to check out Update v 1.2? Well, if you’re playing Portal Knights on Steam, get ready to download the update on October 16th. As for console players, we don’t have an exact launch date just yet, but once we’ve left the submission phase, we will be able to give you more info. We are however, targeting an October launch!

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